Middle school, high school, and college students, School on Wheels in Ventura, CA is looking for volunteers.

College Volunteer Tutors for Homeless Children

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Seeking experienced online tutor volunteers to teach and mentor children experiencing homelessness. Education is key to breaking the cycle of homelessness. Your goal is to shrink the gaps in our students’ learning and provide them with the highest level of education possible. Tutoring serves as a consistent support system for...
Ventura, CA, 93001

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Are you passionate about education and want to serve as a role model? Become an online volunteer tutor today and support a child experiencing homelessness. Due to their transient lifestyles, many of these children miss months of school at a time. Help a s
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Volunteers are asked to commit 1 hour a week for a year; tutoring usually happens on weekdays between 3 pm-7 pm. We provide in-depth training and ongoing support to all our tutors.

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Virtual Volunteering

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