Middle school, high school, and college students, Be the Star You Are Inc. in MORAGA, CA is looking for volunteers.

Volunteer Student Book Reviewer

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One of the most fun and rewarding volunteer positions is as a Teen Book Reviewer. Volunteers age 10 and older who like to read can join the Teen book review team. Adults are also welcome to become a reviewer. Here's how it works: This nonprofit receives requests for reviews of...
MORAGA, CA, 94556-0376

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Leadership Opportunity Details
Your leadership skills will shine through your book reviews as you give honest feedback about the book you have read.
Special Details
Sign into VolunteerCrowd and select "I want to Volunteer". Contact information will be emailed. Guidelines and information will be sent when you email the contact and request to be a volunteer STAR Teen Book Reviewer. All volunteers are required to fill out a questionnaire and if accepted, there is a $25 processing donation fee that is required. The accepted volunteer may choose a welcome gift of either a T-shirt that says "Read, Lead, Succeed" or one of our first edition, autographed, signature books in the organization's book series.

Minimum Age


Good For

Individuals, AP Class, IB Class

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Virtual Volunteering

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