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A Glimpse of the Future You

Volunteering shows what inspires and motivates students to improve their world. The VolunteerCrowd portfolio captures every contribution from middle school through college.
Build your student volunteer transcript and portfolio for your college, job, internship, or scholarship apps.
Qualify for the President’s Volunteer Service Award and other scholarship opportunities.

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Student Volunteering — The Easy Way

Students, parents, and school counselors are too busy to plan volunteer projects.
We take care of the heavy lifting, giving students more time to make an impact.
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Find volunteer opportunities for middle school, high school, and college students.
Find local teen and college student community service opportunities.

Volunteer Together

Students can share upcoming opportunities, making it easy for clubs, classmates, sororities, and fraternities to support favorite causes together.
Volunteer with friends, family, student volunteer groups, and volunteer organizations.
Find and track volunteer hours on VolunteerCrowd FREE app.

Manage and Track, Conveniently

Throughout middle school, high school and through college, track all school and club service projects. Watch volunteer student hours grow over time.
Skill and strength recommendations for high school or college students from the nonprofits they support.

Showcase a Promising Future

Students can shine a spotlight on their strengths and skills from recommendations provided by the organizations they serve.

VolunteerCrowd's verified transcript and portfolio will distinguish each student's achievement for future job, internship, scholarship, and college applications.

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